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Maptime! (Expanded version)



Planning my big mapping project in Ethiopia for Mudula Water (and walking every day to be ready for the trek!). Mapping and me and my GPS; we’re getting to be friends.

I’m off to Ethiopia in a few weeks. First Addis. Then Hosanna. Then Mudula. To say that I am excited is…well, there are no words.

    • I’ll be traveling with the women of Mudula Water (
    • I’ve organized a couple days of activities with the women at AHOPE for children ( A big tie dye project for all the kids, delivering watches for the children (all donated from friends!) , and a tour of  CDC (a family preservation program)
    • My dear friend Mulu just returned from Gojam where she delivered assistance to the Bechina Clinic for Clinic AT A Time Inc.  (
 (My thanks to my friend Desta, who put together this graphic!)