Monthly Archives: September 2012

Plumpy’Nut Forever!

We did it. Albeit a bit quietly. This year we hosted the 5th annual fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders using the spectacular Janus Charity Challenge venue in Chicago. It wasn’t our most stellar year for fundraising – – the competition for “charity dollars” has been fierce. But we did our best. Our esteemed athlete, Philip, came back for another year of hard work and dedication in support of the nutritional fund.  Mr. Silly Pants and his company did another year of “Jeans Friday” and collected funds for our effort. Every single dollar counts and every single donation made this campaign succesful. We celebrate year 5 with $2870.  That’s a lot of Plumpy’Nut. And this year it has some extra personal meaning for our family — and I’ll leave it at that. Plumpy’Nut NEEDS to be accessible to children in need. It saves lives. We.Know.This.

You want to see the kind of results we managed to be a part of? Check this out:

This little face needs no words.

We’ll do it again next year. Watch for OUR 6th ANNUAL TEAM PLUMPY’NUT for Doctors Without Borders!

Thank you. Truly.


Where in the World is Waffles?

On a kibbutz! Somewhere in the Arava Valley in southern Israel. He has a semester abroad sponsored by UMass Amherst – Peace Justice and Environment University Semester program. He’s studying building, composting, gardening, and Hebrew, to name a few. He’s in the desert. It’s hot. He’s happy. And I bet he has a helluva sandal tan.

He learned how to make sturdy bricks out of mud.

And if I know him, he’s happiest in a hammock. Who isn’t?

Waffles is enriching his life by seeking out extraordinary experiences to enrich his perspective and hone his skills. I heard a piece on NPR today about education and the importance of having a curriculum that values building character (and not just test scores). I think our beloved Waffles totally gets this; he is a lovely and amazing young man. And since when did his dimples become so darn carved into his kissable cheeks, huh? (Yes, moms can say that about their 19 year old kids!)