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These girls are going to be the BEST BIG SISTERS! Oh that’s right – they already are big sisters to their brother! OK, one more time, these girls are going to be the best big sisters!


This kid is going to make the BEST BIG BROTHER!

Because Literacy Matters!

My students and I are collecting books for the Ethiopia Reads program. Why? Because literacy matters! There are strong connections between health status and literacy status, clear connections between literacy and the empowerment of both men and women, and undeniable links between literacy and economic self-sufficiency. Literacy impacts all of life, and the things I really care about are all enhanced with literacy. So here’s something small that my students and I did to wrap up a human rights unit. It’s cool to help teens connect literacy to human rights.
So what will happen to the books? They’ll be shipped to help stock libraries in Ethiopia. I’m sending them to a family who has devoted themselves to sending books to ET, ours will be added to their collection. This is such a great cooperative effort. My students have 6 copy boxes full of terrific books. 99% of all of the schools in Ethiopia do NOT have libraries. One book at a time, friends, one book at a time. (Boxes decorated by students, of course!)