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Thinking and Talking about Ethiopia

I’ll be on the radio tonight (WORT Access Hour). Amber and I are going to talk about Ethiopia and to discuss global and social justice. The question remains: how do we become good global neighbors? I will blog more thoughtfully about these things when I have some space to do so….at the moment, little blueberry is my number one priority and I’m pretty busy making a multitude of adjustments involved with welcoming a baby into our home.

I’m feeling like it’s time to ramp up my thoughts here on the blog, but it’s hard to craft the time to put down in words what my head is thinking all the time. For now, I hope some of the images of Ethiopia we took during our travels are compelling. Check out the shoe shining – how does a country address 45% unemployment. As one man told us, “Right now, education=frustration.” I worry when I hear this, but I get it. I get the desperation. Later, I’m going to introduce Richard. Richard has a dream. Check back to hear about him.


As requested

Pictures, more pictures…of our boy

Little Plumpy…nut

While in Ethiopia we met a couple who have spent more than two decades working for Doctors Without Borders. What an amazing duo they are – and OF COURSE I asked about Plumpy’nut, about MSF programs, and about conditions in Ethiopia. To sum up their experience, MSF truly is an organization deserving of our attention and support. I’m more convinced of this today than ever before. Please, donate here. And, here’s another picture of our darling boy!


I was in the lobby of a hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and a woman approached me and said, “Excuse me, I know this is weird but I recognize you because I read your blog.” WHOA!!!! How freaking cool is that???? That’s a first for me – especially because I have no idea who (if anyone) reads this blog. Anyway, this woman is in Addis adopting, also. I wish her the best! Wave. Wave. Wave.

Soccer in Lalibela

Our friends, aspiring to be a guide, a biologist, a doctor. For the moment, though, they shine shoes and go to school. They call Mr. Waffles, “brother.”

Famine at Home – Our Son’s Home

Please read today’s USA Today article about famine in Ethiopia and consider contributing to my fundraiser in support of all of those who are suffering from hunger. I can finally say that when I watched the video I could literally FEEL Ethiopia as my tiny Ethiopian son sleeps peacefully in our bedroom. Donate here to save a life.
*Photo taken by my daughter last week in Ethiopia*