Planning my big mapping project in Ethiopia for Mudula Water (and walking every day to be ready for the trek!). Mapping and me and my GPS; we’re getting to be friends.

I’m off to Ethiopia in a few weeks. First Addis. Then Hosanna. Then Mudula. To say that I am excited is…well, there are no words.

    • I’ll be traveling with the women of Mudula Water (
    • I’ve organized a couple days of activities with the women at AHOPE for children ( A big tie dye project for all the kids, delivering watches for the children (all donated from friends!) , and a tour of  CDC (a family preservation program)
    • My dear friend Mulu just returned from Gojam where she delivered assistance to the Bechina Clinic for Clinic AT A Time Inc.  (
 (My thanks to my friend Desta, who put together this graphic!)

2 responses to “Mapmania

  1. Ok, that’s a fascinating diagram. And I’m curious to know whether Wagebeta is standing alone because a line to it was missed, or whether it really is a 45 minute hike off the road, as I’ve been told. Thoughts??

    And I am really looking forward to hearing about this trip!

  2. tafel, the map is from my friend, Desta, who says, “This Kambata Map is a schematic diagram representing the roads and towns in the region. It shows not the geographic but rather the relative positions of the towns along the roads, town’s connective relations with each other. [By Desta]” so, Wagebeta would be a hike – it seems.

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