Monthly Archives: August 2012


5; In Amharic it is amist. In English it is five.

There are 4 children presently gracing our lives; 4 children entrusted to our care. 3 are already young adults who are in charge of their own lives and own dreams, and yet still connected by the sweetness that is family and foundation. There is 1 who is young, who is just now registered for 4K, who grows each day into himself and into his becoming. He’s a dazzling and brilliant boy.

And then there is “R”. 1 to balance right there in the middle, small enough to hold, big enough to hold his own. Becoming anew, and yet already wise and tested beyond what one can imagine his small frame can hold. He is courageous. And beautiful. Big ears. No hair. Dimples that are shockingly deep and cheeks that puff with concentration.

2 brothers will become 3 brothers. 2 sisters will add a brother. One mother and father will love and cherish 5 children. Amist.

For all of us he is – – One more to love. One more to cherish. One more to nurture. One more to guide. One more to celebrate. One more to witness. One more to hold, kiss, cuddle, cajole, hold hands, squeeze knees, run our fingers through his hair.

One more boy. He’s 8. He’ll soon be 9.

Our papers are in Ethiopia. We await to hear about our court date and the entrustment of sweet “R” into our family.

We are humbled.  And hopeful.

We have deep, enduring thoughts and prayers for “R”  – – and for this process. We know full well the maze of adoption and the possibilities for a different outcome. We wait with calm hearts and quiet fortitude. We trust our community of family and friends will celebrate with us while helping us maintain our shield of care, safety, and privacy that goes with our children’s life stories.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for inspiration on this journey.

Love, Mr. SillyPants, Ms. Plum, Blueberry, Twinkletoes, Waffles, and Songbird