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Birds for Blueberry

Today was just perfect. Blueberry and I headed to our neighborhood thruway for warbler migration. I’m a novice and enthusiastic birder, and this is my favorite time of year. The trees haven’t leafed yet, the sun is warm, and the warblers are moving through to their new destinations. They won’t stay, so now’s the time to get out and get happy.
I was prepared for a stroll with my little one; koala crackers in their own little box for enticing grasper activity, cup of water, banana, sturdy Bob stroller, binoculars, camera, and bird book. We spent 2 hours strolling the preserve both on foot and in the stroller. It was an exquisite time with Blueberry and the birds. We took our time (he took his time) and I discovered that I’m going to be able to visit the preserve and have a great time with Blueberry – he loves to walk/ride/listen/dig crackers out of the dirt. And, I only found one tick on him when we were all done.

Here are a few of our favorites today (images from Cornell Lab of Ornithology) –
green heron (top of the post), white crowned sparrow, brown thrasher,
and the lovely prothonotary warbler. These warblers are stunningly beautiful.


Today, on my way home from my happy place (play group!) I stopped at my high school with Blueberry in tow, gingersnap cookie crumbs smeared all over my shirt, and turned in my contract for work next year. I will be ending my one year leave of absence and reentering the work force with a 2/5 contract (40%). In a year of cuts and some tough economic times for my district I thought I’d have no choice but to return to a full time position. But, a variety of department needs and changes emerged with the outcome of a great opportunity to resume this year as a part time high school teacher. I am so happy about this agreement; for myself, for Blueberry, for my family. It’s great for all of us. I will be teaching 2 classes and I will be working for about a total of 4-5 hours every other day, commute included. And, I am teaching ONLY 9th graders and ONLY the cultural anthropology curriculum. I love love love teaching cultural anthropology to students in their first year of high school. It is an awesome curriculum with OH SO MUCH potential to really reach kids on so many levels.
Oh yes, I happened upon school during the first lunch period and Blueberry and I received some major lovin’ from my students. It was fun to hear the squeels of delight from the kids over the darling curly haired boy in my arms and to hear, “please please come back soon!” Isn’t it funny when kids miss the very people they complained about just 9 short months ago? hehehehehehe….high school……it isn’t for everyone.

Nothin’ Butt Net

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About Whiteness

This is a great blog and today was a perfect post for me:
Take the time to read it, and don’t overlook the comments. Privilege is written all over and in this refelction. Once again I find kernels of deeper understanding for myself both as an individual white woman AND as a member of a group (the normative white). I need these reads that are honest, alert, and courageous. Honest inquiry requires particular attention to POC and their experience and perspectives. This blog rocks.

Waffles Drives Alone

This big kid can now drive more than Blueberry’s Rody. Waffles now has his driver’s license. 3 out of 4…and counting.

The Country’s Hallways

Somewhere in the country a high school staff e-mail arrived with the following alert: “Please be aware there are some racial tensions between students today. Be visible in the hallways during passing time and let us know immediately of any student conflicts.”

What would you do with this information as a staff person, a parent, a community member?

Tomorrow I am attending an all day training titled, “How to Create Inclusive Organizations.” I have a responsibility to my family and to my work place to improve the places we learn, the places we live, and the places we play. I’m going to start building some expertise so that I can be an effective leader. I want to make a difference – I need a good tool belt for this job. I’m excited about formally starting this journey – building a resume as an anti-racist parent and anti-racist teacher is important to me.

Baptizing Blueberry