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Flower left this morning. We had 4 months of her sweet presence. Our home feels like we are missing someone now. We don’t question the missing – it’s here and palpable.

This morning I went downstairs and wake her up to say my final goodbye. I had to work, she was still sleeping.  I sobbed into her warm shoulder, holding her tightly in my arms as I whimpered my goodbyes.

This video sums up the completeness of her immersion in life here; in life with her friends and life with us.  Sledding down our local hill, famous for its steep icy slope, did not disappoint. Flower, if you’re reading this, “IT WAS BEASTLY!”

Come back soon our sweet little Hungarian Princess!


Why Immersion?

Examining, critically, my whiteness and white identity.

Examining issues related to privilege and particularly my white privilege.

Externalizing my sense of entitlement that is connected to my own white privilege (not to mention class, but working to know the difference). ETA: by externalizing I mean moving the dynamic from an internal space to a place of overt knowing and responsibility.

Constructing a self identity that is more wholey integrated : “I know that I did not personally participate in the horror of slavery. But I know that because I am White, I continue to benefit from a racist system that stems from the slavery era.” (Immersion and Emersion in Helm’s White Racial Identity stages).

And, finally, acting with determination and insight to NOT be involved in activities that perpetuate racial oppression.