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Buna Therapy

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions – and I didn’t this year. But, I have TONS to work on….oodles and oodles of stuff that need personal attention.
Social, psychological, physical, intellectual. Me. Limited. Learning. Becoming.  Incomplete. Imperfect. Oh yeah, human.

Last month Mr. SillyPants and I found ourselves in a slump. A.big.slump.  I’m talking out of touch, out of synch, out of rhythm, out of talk-time, out of patience.  Not.Good. While Mr. SillyPants and I can maintain good partnership decorum, the best part of being  partners is truly in the connection. I know this.  He knows it. It’s hard to know why the ‘drift’ happens, but we know we don’t like it. Ever. We don’t worry, but we don’t like it. And, we work at our marriage. It’s important to us. I want to be married to this guy forever. Happily.

But, drift happens. We typically  claw make our way back to each other; a date, a nice dinner, a moment of giggling with Blueberry, something on the calendar that puts us in close proximity for companionable effort.

This time, we have a new weapon. Buna Therapy! Every morning – buna together.  Buna therapy looks like this. Early. Before the rest of the world wakes and our days gain momentum without each other. We share a cup of coffee.

Truth. This isn’t our coffee. This is the coffee morning at my friend’s home – she’s an inspiration. She shared that she does this every morning with her husband. The lesson is that the start of the day makes the finish strong at the end of the day.  It took 2 mornings of coffee to get clear on  this lesson. (And yes, Ethiopian wisdom in coffee pots full of delicious buna!) 

Our coffee looks like this – – – because our coffee is…well…our coffee. Our coffee  includes the animals and the wee one.  We can’t manage before the world wakes (because Blueberry wakes with us – and Herbie is a constant companion).  Our coffee happens in a dark room, usually covered in Blue’s offering of stuffed animals, no breakfast nutrition. But it happens, and we are a heckuva lot happier for it.

15 minutes of BUNA THERAPY!

 Yup. Life is good. We got it now.


Wordless Wednesday – nearly

Cape Town Kitchen Hug – bon voyage to dear Twinkletoes!

Dream Team Does Denver

2 sleeps far from home is how my little boy describes the past few days. I use words like amazing, energizing, inspiring, and exciting. I traveled for a long day of meetings in Denver, joining a crew of hard working and compassionate humanitarians working, planning, and dreaming together.

Our topic – Our Shared Work in Ethiopia.

Our theme was collaboration. Our energy was buzzing. Our concerns were united and thoughtfully informed and shared. Why? What’s important? Sustainable? How? Can we? When? How do you do that? What do you know about this? Where? Say more? Explain that? What do you think?   LET’S DO IT!

Inspired, passionate, devoted, determined, energetic, compassionate – these words describe my esteemed company. We worked hard, bringing the myriad things we care about to the table – TESFAEthiopia Reads,  Mudula Water, Hope by Twelve, AHOPE for Children, Clinic At A Time, Tesfa Teens, Selamta. And more. So much more – I am about to burst. Look for amazing things from these people and the organizations they care about!

Know this – please – – – on behalf of every single one of you in my circle – it is my honor to work with integrity and dedication on programs that make a difference.

I look forward to sharing new initiatives, new dreams, new visions, and new partnerships as we move forward in our shared work in Ethiopia and at home.

Wordless Wednesday Post (and it is Mr. SillyPant’s Birthday!)

Clinic At A Time – 2011 Was A Great Success!

Clinic At A Time finished 2011 with success.  This fall, Mulu, our founder, traveled to Ethiopia to purchase and deliver medical supplies to Bechina Clinic. We consider our success and the improvements provided to Bechina Clinic a direct result of your compassionate giving. Thank you!

Our fundraising  goals were set in cooperation with the Bechina Clinic in Gojjam, Ethiopia. Bechina Clinic identified a generator as their number #1 need. Frequent power outages (quite common in Ethiopia) made the clinic vulnerable to  medical crisis while giving care. When machines stop working and medical procedures are interrupted, patients are put at serious risk.  Mulu spent much of her time in Addis exploring warehouses for the right generator. She found it!

In addition, the Clinic also made us aware that the condition of their patient beds was terrible, especially for labor and delivery. We responded with our “Buy A Bed Campaign.”  We raised enough money to be able to deliver both patient beds and labor delivery beds to Bechina Clinic.  Mulu shared that her quest for beds was long and arduous – – she used her bargaining skills and knowledge of hearty hospital equipment to locate and purchase 4 labor and delivery beds and 3 patient beds.  Aren’t they fabulous?

Finally, Mulu was able to purchase a few remaining supplies that were important for daily use and quality of care at Bechina Clinic. Supplies included some laboratory equipment, a stretcher, and a trolley for transporting medical equipment from room to room at Bechina.

 All of the items were received by the Bechina Clinic community – with gratitude for the service of Clinic At A Time. Mulu presented the items on behalf of all of you who contributed to our effort in a myriad of ways.

You made our work possible by visiting our website and making a donation, through several FaceBook Causes initiatives,  buying our injera cookbook, visiting us at the Mehaber in Minneapolis/St. Paul,  at our annual summer Capital Brewery event with Natty Nation, at our ‘injera cooking classes’ in Madison, WI, and we met some of you at the EAKC Culture Camp in Lake Geneva, WI. Our presence was broader this year than any previous year! 

We are so grateful for your support. Your generous giving helped us help others – “one clinic at a time”. We are very excited to bring you new initiatives for 2012 – along with a website redesign! It is going to be a very exciting year!  Thank you.

Amasegenalo! (Thank you in Amharic)