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Apple of our Eye


Wordless Wednesday

I’m Running for My Sisters

Not my sibling, but my sisters…..

On Saturday morning I’ll be in Chicago with my handsome husband and darling son, but I won’t be lookin’ good, because I’m reentering the world of running with the classic “runner’s return.” I’m 45 and I’m reentering the world of running with a 5K. It’s all I can do – and it’s been a tough road. Frankly, 40 extra pounds are embarrassingly cumbersome. There, I said it. And, some chronic plantar fasciitis keeps progress slow. Um, I’m sort of a wreck, but I’m trying to get it right. I like being active. I identify as an athlete. So, I’m doin’ it.
I’m running because I’m inspired by the efforts of Women to Women International to help Congo women rebuild their lives after years of horrific war.

You can support my run HERE; know that your support of my 5K is support for our Congolese sisters. They are my inspiration.

I know I am going to meet a lot of inspiring people on this run. Importantly, I can’t wait to meet Tami, whose blog is the place I learned about this run, and whose journey inspired my own return to the pavement. Tami is one of my virtual mentors, and her wisdom and perspective is helping me be a better mother to my brown boy, better ally to people of color, and more aware of the responsibilities I have as part of the white majority. Yeah, so Tami’s getting me there, and Congo women are helping me finish. They are the perfect duo for me…and in my corner will be Mr. Silly Pants and Blueberry, running as a team (with a running stroller) at my side.
Wish me luck!

For My Sibs

Channeling Mom.
Sweet familiar.

Sunday Snapshot

This is one of many many shots we took on our way to and from places in and around Lalibela – literally, a shot taken out of the jeep window…. a scene common and precious and beautiful. In this image I see the life of my son. I knew this before I met my son. THIS is his legacy. THIS is his place. THIS is his homeland. For as simple and impoverished in material goods, the richness IS clear to me.

I heard time and time again from other AP’s, “It made me so grateful for the hot water I have.” Or, “I was so thankful to be home among my many luxuries.” Or, “I know now why the US is the greatest place to live.” I just never felt that. Neither did the 3 biggies or my husband. We’re cultural relativists, it seems. The injustices and inequties of “who has what and why” were front and center for each of us in our own way. And, for us, this emerging reality is part of a new comittment, as a family, to do some things differently. I hope we show enough courage and enough bravery to get where we need to go and do what we need to do.

Early Morning Movement

My mornings start off with a bang. Blueberry is up and at ’em right away. It takes no time at all for him to begin banging on the back door; his way of saying, “let’s go outside and stay outside for as long as I see fit!” Truth be told, this is a MUCH easier prospect when Dad is home, otherwise the first thing in the morning combination of a hyper dog and a toddler boy are beyond my pre-caffinated capabilities. Well, even when I am caffinated the hyper dog is a doozie and the active todder is demanding.
The days of “on the run” are here. Let me just say, the brown hand pulling the white fingers is CLASSIC – all day, all the time. 24/7. Blueberry has things to do and places to go. And, he’s not shy about letting us know just where he want to go and what he wants to do.

I’m not surprised. I am exhausted. I asked for it – all of it and I love it. But, I don’t think I anticipated the real physical differences for myself between parenting a toddler in my 20’s (my biggies were all toddlers before I turned 30) and a toddler at the age of 45. I’ve been trying to make some adjustments over the past few weeks. We’ve sort of moved into a more active zone – or maybe I’ve just focused in more clearly on Blueberry’s needs. Early morning movement works for him, so I have to figure out how to make it work for me. The thing is, his early morning stretches into late morning and then restarts right after his nap. Have I mentioned how much I looked forward to noon and an impending nap for both of us? Seriously, I’m pooped these days. Geriatric mom, no kidding. I’m just sayin’ it’s a bit nicer on the weekends when Daddy’s here.
I do feel the reality that many many of my friends and age mates are reading novels and sipping coffee in the morning, then taking a little ‘unplanned’ snooze before lunch, or setting off on a leisurely walk downtown. Not me, I’m setting up brio trains, playing picnic, meandering the wooded area behind our house, pushing swings, and kicking soccer balls.

But surely, you couldn’t resist this little face, could you? No reason to say no, every reason to keep the ‘ol self movin’ and workin’. So, I’m trying to make sure I’m taking decent care of myself so I can continue to take good care of my itty bitty. Anyone have any solutions for creaky knees and general body soreness? Hehehehe.. NOT KIDDING!

Wordless Wednesday