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March Madness

           We’re in shorts, barefeet, and full of spunk and spirit. 

 With Blueberry’s very special friends = the best!


Wordless Wednesday

Summer Splurge @ LP

It’s gonna be tough to put my Lost Planet experience into words….so pardon my ineptitude. I splurged on ‘summer’s end’ and decided to hitch a ride with 2 fabulous women, 2 fabulous 2 year olds, and a red mini van (fabulous in that it was our trusty locomotion) en route to The Lost Planet. We drove 2 long days with 3 toddlers and 3 moms from our dairlyland mecca – and arrived with nary a complaint. The kids were awesome on the drive. Blue and I flew back home so that we could greet Waffles off the plane from Honduras (see previous post!). 5 days of splurge. That’s what it was.

S called both the drive and the visit “superneurospastasticaly amazing!” I wholeheartedly agree! The Lost Planet is a magical place in all ways. Yet, somehow Mindy, Baldwin, and Dew Drop manage to outshine the amazing beauty of their space with their own amazing luminescence. I can’t even find a way to articulate the “kick assness” of this family.

You want to see it in pictures? Feast your eyes on THESE!

(Daily walk to the river – dogs and kids alternately leading the way – look closely and you’ll see a cooler in the bottom of the stroller – there is NOTHING like a cold one on a hot Virginia day in the river)

(Goats!)(Hammock time on the porch with super dog “Mojo”)(Playdough party time with a full house!)(Bathtime with T – yes, this is an outdoor claw foot tub -so COOL!)

(Dew Drop used the soccer ball to take some liberties with touching Blue a little more than he usually tolerated – way to go DD!)

(Go ahead and TRY and get all the kids in one place – and Free Tibet while you’re at it!)

(G is a super story teller! She’s practically a tight rope walker too….)

I could post a gazillion pictures. Maybe I’ll put up some more images of their gorgeous handbuilt house, or the amazing views from the yard, or a video of our rousing round of “Happy Birthday” for S. Maybe I’ll feature some of Mindy and Baldwin’s creative style and lovely art, or maybe I’ll post 1/2 dozen little video clips of kids feeding chickens, Blue and Baldwin harvesting in the garden, and Baldwin playing his ukulele and singing his memorable rendition of “Run to the Potty” with a room full (I counted 6!) of 2 year olds. Maybe I’ll write about the amazing gathering of moms plus Baldwin 🙂 , the 6 toddlers and a 4 year old play day, or the delicious fresh egg breakfasts we ate every morning.  I could add details about how Blueberry LOVED the chickens and spent endless hours collecting the ‘inedible” tomatoes to feed them. He even cradled his own egg side by side with Dew Drop and safely delivered the egg to Nanni’s egg carton. There was the day we all spent on the porch in various states of relaxing in the hammocks. I might be tempted to tell the truth and share how much trouble Blue had going to bed at night, and how over many nights 2-3 hours of bedtime effort deflated my energy and created both frustration and insight.  I probably would include some gushy details about how much I love Mindy and admire her gentle and nurturing voice in all that she does, and I’d have to add how Baldwin matches her grace and gentleness with his own unending energy and delightful tenderness. There is more to say and a lot of ways to say it….

For the moment I’m going to just soak it all in one more time and anticipate a return. Because believe me , The Lost Planet and I are just getting to know each other!

Wordless Wednesday

Lavendar Booties and a 2 Year Old

I don’t know how we progressed from “lavendar booties”, to THIS big boy quite so quickly. It is hard, still, to see the image of our son as he ‘waited.’ His eyes looked wise, his lessons seemed learned too quickly and too deeply. I sensed he had started with love, and hoped to honor that which he knew with the steady and sturdy course of our family’s love.  I can still remember the day I realized that ‘waiting’ and ‘wise’ look had faded to be replaced by the curious, joyful  look of our Blueberry.
He has grown. I have learned to celebrate and and delight in the giggles of my biggie children, the gentle kindness and enduring love of my husband, and the absolute joy of sharing it all with our littlest, Blueberry. We have come together in ways I did not anticipate – and we are stronger in our family bond together with “Blue.”  I feel such gratitude for the presence of my 4 children and our friends, and our family. I  am working to live with more awareness of the goodnesses that infuse my days.  This birthday set of events (playgroup birthday and then family birthday) provided many opportunities to celebrate and appreciate my family and our friends.
Blueberry’s “Big 2” with his little friends and with our family. In pictures:
Big brother Waffles gave him his first chocolate candy bar
He blew out his candles on his angel food cake
He watched the biggies and some friends build an awesome block tower
He tried to hang on for a sibling photo
He spent the morning outside with his friends, splashing in puddles
more puddles 🙂
cupcakes with not enough sprinkles (D’s sprinkle method still eludes me)
twirled and whirled with glee
and ….. well, THIS image is the one that reminds me of the fullness of our lives when the little one is in bed and there is still so much “kid” energy filling our home. ‘Tis a good life.
March 15, 2010

WI Doze-n

Last weekend in lieu of landing in La Guardia, Blueberry and I drove a short hour to the “east coast” of Wisconsin and spent the weekend with a cool crew of kids and mamas. I was lucky to be invited to hang out with these friends – and let me tell you, I knew a good party was in store everyone! Knowing this, I begged their pardon as a two-timing, double booking, loser friend and groveled for re-admission to the weekend  “par-tay.” Admission was granted providing I brought adult refreshments; a case and a pound of coffee helped my cause.
I counted on my fingers (math is not my forte) and there were 12 kids at one time: J, B, M, E, E, I, M, L, B, F, T….wait, that’s only 11!!!! See, math isn’t my strong suit. Neither was personal hygeine that weekend! But, we did have a blast. And, I sure hope we didn’t spread the ring worm!!!! 
The highlight for Blueberry was the unexpected birthday bash – celebrating his 2 year old birthday. He LOVED the cake decorating – using a rather Jackson Pollock method he and baby Og decorated the cake with abandon….and the kitchen floor too. D is a maniac superstar for her tolerance of chaos and fun. It seemed like no amount of sprinkles were too many! (Or Pringle chips, or popcorn, or pancakes). And, there was Lucy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Lucy kiss Blueberry” from Blueberry this week. Gator, I think Blueberry might be a little Casenova! And, seeing Blueberry and Og in one place gives you a pretty good visual, huh? Speaking of Og, his goodbye gesture got a lot of play this week, “Og push Blueberry.” Yep, a kiss and a shove, that pretty much sums up the fabulous weekend!

Finally, I’ll leave the snarky comments to the Queen of Snark.
And she’s in good company with the other mamas.
I’m getting out the therapy jar, just in case.
I can’t wait to camp-in again next year!
*and yes, I tried to make a cool title sort of like Mama Papaya would
…and yes, I know I failed*

For JC and her daughter (and eM in NYC, from Blueberry)

Blueberry and I were supposed to be in NYC this weekend. We planned to visit my friend and the fabulous little eM. We didn’t make it – it snowed so hard in the city that flights have been cancelled for two days. But, I wanted a taste of NY….so I made my way down to the college campus and walked out on the lake. Look at what I found! Dr. LaBootie, under the water! I took a picture of this especially for you, M.

I can’t wait for March when I will be in California and I can meet you, M, and your little brother and see your mom again. And eM and ML, Blueberry and I will be in NYC in the spring when we can buy hot dogs from vendors and spend our day in the park.

p.s. good luck explaining this one, JC!