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I got words on Wordless Wednesday

Yep, I got words on Wordless Wednesday. I’ve been in the grip of trying to get my thryoid on track. It’s been about 12 months of trying. Monday I scooted into the lab for a quick blood draw. I knew something was up then the results didn’t come up on my chart mid-day – I should have access to ‘normal’ labs in real time – so the delay let me know something was up. UP UP UP. Dang, I’m at a TSH of 9 – which is the highest my TSH has been (that I know of) – which means that I’ve got a hypo-thyroid deal goin’ on. And my racoon eyes? Yeah, now we know why I look like I have 2 black eyes. And my malaise? 9 – check. And my constant low level body ache? It’s 9. Feeling like my view is always blurry? Um…..9

Somehow knowing I’m at 9 brought the roof down – like HELL YES I FEEL LIKE CRAP. I’m trying to recover from the crush of admitting how freakin’ shitty I actually feel. I’ll be back when I’m back…until then, no promises.