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Tilling the Soil (or sand)

This is an exercise in contrasts.

In the first case, I met this young man a few weeks ago while walking in an area just west of Hadero. He was hand tilling this plot of land. It was hot. The soil had just had a good soaking with rain. His tools are all that you see. No shoes. Nothing else. Hard labor. And the rewards of his labor are barely enough to get by – – the season of hunger lingers during this time before harvest.

This next image is what’s happening today at our house. Our home backs up to a park. We have a sand volley ball court in our backyard – we call it our private sandbox and hope the cat isn’t pooping in it.   Mr. SillyPants has taken the initiative and is rotatilling  the plot so that the sand is nice and fresh for summer fun and especially for long hours of sandbox fun for Blueberry. The tiller belongs to our neighbor. The choice to maintain the sand lot is ours; the city doesn’t have maintenance in the budget and Mr. SillyPants is happy to donate time and a bit of labor to public park upkeep (oh there is a lot of garlic mustard that gets picked too in the wooded area behind us). Otherwise, the sand is packed and the weeds creep into the space. Recreational choice. Ours. We had lunch before the tilling commenced – and breakfast. And the fridge is stocked. Oh, plus no shortness of fresh, clean water.

This is a study in contrasts. You are witnessing where my mind is these days. (And yes, Blue is wearing ear plugs, as is SillyPants – – the musician/physician never works without them, and neither does his little side kick).


A Coffee Drying Center & Google Earth

Driving south from Hosanna, and taking just one right hand turn, you’ll be well on your way to Mudula, Ethiopia. It’s an astoundingly beautiful drive through rolling hillsides of fields of grain, enset, some maize, coffee, ginger, and some other crops.

Half way between the right hand turn and the first town,  Hadero, is a new coffee drying center. It’s a large center and just a few weeks ago community members were hard at work preparing the facility.

See if you can find it on Google Earth. The coordinates are below.

It looks like this coming off the Garmin –  N7 11.653 / E37 41.937

It looks like this typed/pinned into Google Earth – 7 11.653 N /  37  41.937 E

Hadero Welcome

                          Hadero, Ethiopia.

 (Photo compliments of Rogue Mama T – thankful for her keen eye and fabulous sense of place and space).