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This is how we mow

A little early for me – noted by the dark circles under my eyes and the grip of my hand around my coffee cup.  A lot early. Blueberry wanted to mow before sunrise. It was a non-work day so I felt like I could indulge the mowing mania….and so I did.

 (Truth? Those black circles are pretty darn permanent).

The little sweetie discovered his missing ‘puff’ – his interest and concern was so genuine and sweet.

And…a large jet overhead topped off our early morning mow.

Pretty sure Blueberry is a magic morning berry 🙂 and pretty sure we won’t be repeating this early morning outing any time soon.

(*all pics taken on my iPhone – not too bad, huh?)


Wordless Wednesday

It’s how we roll!

Every once in awhile I get a glimpse of my world from one of those oddball angles and I think, “is this really how it’s going down?” Today was one of those days. We’ve got it goin’ on here – so I’m going to give a little update, framing it all through the events of today.

Songbird is full swing back in her life at college. It’s her senior year. She texted me today and asked me to please copy her first and second page of her passport and scan it to her. She’s applying to work for Amigos again – next summer. So my #1 college kid will graduate with a double major in Anthro and Bio and …. pretty sure she’s gonna make some awesome plans.

Twinkletoes is hard at work her sophomore year. She’s in a pretty intense and prestigious biology program and dancing ballroom in her spare time. Today she called me from campus with an “Obama” report (as in, the line for admission to the gather place was 3 miles long). Later, she e-mailed me an announcement for a super cool job studying the habits of carnivores in Kenya. She commented, “this looks cool, doesn’t it?” My first thought was, “Damn! I want that job.” She knew that, of course.

Waffles is doing his 2 week gig at his Dad’s, but he swung by about 1/2 hour ago because I had texted him that there was a crock pot full of pulled pork (his favorite). He finished his school day, remembered to pick up his ‘brag sheets’ from his counselor (for letters of recommendation for college), and spent about 2 hours volunteering at our local bilingual school – a gig he committed to for the year and inspired by his own Amigos experience. He is in the thick of college apps and a boat load of pretty impressive classes. No soccer this fall, but plenty of other stuff, including being a big brother to both Blueberry and Flower!

Flower got up this morning with a HUGE smile on her face. It was her turn to go with her class to the school forest and enjoy an amazing suite of cool ropes course stuff. It was 40 degrees when she left (this mama made sure she had layers and layers to fit the needs of being super active and also potentially cold and waiting in line!) and about 63 when I picked her up at the end of the day! Oh, but her end of the day ended with her first volleyball practice! WOOT! Back to the school forest – she liked the zip line best. She loved volleyball, too. And, can I just say, Flower is LOVELY. Mr. Sillypants looks at me every single night and says, “she couldn’t be any sweeter.” Agreed.

Blueberry and I spent the day together. We had to get to the grocery store – I have to pack school lunches for Flower!!!  He spent the entire shopping hour running up and down the aisles and putting groceries into the cart. Every ‘grocery toss’ I assigned to him was finished off with his sweet cheer, “SLAM DUNK!” Before we went to the store he discovered a sucker that I think Clementine left on the counter when he breezed through here earlier in the week. I gave it to Blue. Blue asked, “what is this mommy?” I answered, “a sucker.” He looked at me perplexed, “No it isn’t a SOCCER! Tell me mommy, what is it?”  Later, when we entered the grocery, he asked, “Can I smell the flowers?” I asked him if he knew what they were called and then told him, “They’re called Mums.”  He replied, “You silly mommy, those aren’t MOMS!”  Heh. Life with 2.  I think our day had its fair share of playing cars, playing puppy, some painting, and a bit of outside rough and tumble. Oh, and there was a nap fail thrown in there. Bummer. Bedtime was a bit of a mess since he seemed particularly needy. He followed up my offer for a bath, bottle, and bed with “that sounds fun Mommy,” only to insist on being rocked to sleep. Sometimes it just goes that way.

Mr. Sillypants still isn’t home. He’s delivering a baby.

I’ll just add that my own professional life is in a bit of a tailspin as some very difficult and complex contract negotiations have just been made more difficult. Bummer. I slipped in a moment of Union activism today. I also did my typical reading/responding to a number of things. I also left a message with a certain someone at a certain agency about certain things that haven’t been certainly decided yet. ETA: (cuz y’all are commenting about this particular paragraph….which is sweet!) I’m serious about being uncertain – yet the uncertainty won’t rest in my head and heart until I have some clarity on process and program. Yeah, so I called. Otherwise, it feels like nervous unsettled energy. I don’t do well with not knowing things I need to know to settle into a course of action – OR – to desist from a course of action. But seriously, no clarity. I welcome any comments to me (privately – I won’t share) on older child adoption and disrupting birth order – program details too. You’ll know if there is something to know.

Speaking of…DON’T MISS THIS Tim Wise comment on talking about race with our kids! Tim Wise…. Mr. SillyPants and I get to see him give the keynote address at our local Racial Justice Summit. Yep, we’ll be there for the summit. I’ll be talkin’ it up, for sure.

That’s how we roll….

2 and 12 at the Park

The 2 and 12 year old’s, along with some 40’somethings, climbed on bikes and made our way to a park in the neighborhood. It was a perfect end to a busy fall weekend. The kids played vigorously and giggled with abandon – all 3 of them (while I documented the silliness). And, yes, Mr. SillyPants is texting while hanging upside down and IS demonstrating ‘illegal’ toddler park play (walking on top of the equipment). He might have been trying to demonstrate his youthful agility, but I interpreted it as his aged foolishness.


Blueberry loves any game that includes Daddy chasing or zooming around the park with him….Flower loves to hang by her lovely long legs

Blueberry can’t figure out why Flower didn’t promptly master the ‘digger’ mechanism, and he yells for ‘higher Daddy, higher – underdog!’ 

While Daddy might be walk on top of the equipment, Mommy dazzles her audience with a trick that is even too complicated to capture with a camera.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

A Plumpy Podium!

We’ve crossed the finish line. Well, more accurately, Swimstef crossed the finish line. She FINISHED. Do you hear me? She completed the Ironman Wisconsin. Hey, just showin’ up at the start makes all the athletes winners in my book. Swimstef finished and we are so proud of her! She fought through some grueling conditions.That’s devotion. That’s committment.

But the brutal and inspired physical efforts of the Ironman aren’t Swimstef’s only accomplishments—brace yourselvesTEAM PLUMPY’NUT FINISHED 4th IN THE JANUS CHARITY CHALLENGE! We raised $13,875 and have won an additional $4,000 additional caash award for Doctors Without Borders! (Insert INSANE clapping here!). This is our BEST Team Plumpy’Nut finish EVER.

Here’s the story in pictures:

Our intrepid athlete

The cutest sign maker EVER

Plumpy’Nut Hungarian Support Staff

The Truth Baby – AMAZEBALLS!!!

Notable accomplishments: Our 3rd annual campaign makes our total donation to Doctors Without Borders about $60,175. We had the good fortune of having year 2’s donations ‘matched’ as a part of a special Doctors Without Borders opportunity. Awesome! Our total kid count hovers around 1200 kids who have gotten access to life saving nutrients through our donations. Our fundraiser has been focused on the needs of Ethiopia, and none of our fundraising money has gone to our sponsoring athlete or their cheering crew (me and fairygodmother). It’s ALL for Doctors Without Borders. Finally,  rest assured YOU WILL be invited to participate next year, when we sponsor our 4th Annual Wisconsin Ironman Team Plumpy’Nut fundraiser .

Look for us next year  – we’re counting on your support! Our 4th Annual campaign is just around the corner! (search Plumpy’Nut and/or Doctors Without Borders in the search box – you’ll find details about all 3 campaigns and lots of great information about why Fairygodmother and I return year after year to support Doctors Without Borders).