Where in the world is Waffles?

Once again, Waffles has crafted his own amazing purposeful experience.  After returning from Israel, Waffles traveled to Ethiopia with our family (Mr. SillyPants, me, Blueberry) to welcome our new son into our family.  He then stayed home for 6 months (6 fantastic and helpful months) — doing what awesome big brothers do — wrestling, playing soccer, playing circus, jumping on the trampoline, encouraging positive play…and more.

IMG_6296The awesomeness of his brother love is beyond my articulation. Let’s just say he may very well have been the energy that kept us all together and focused on the work of bonding and settling in.

After 6 months of family care, it was time to go, however —- for Waffles had more on his mind than little brothers, and the pull was great. At the start of July he bought an old truck IMG_7364and he headed off for Pine Ridge Reservation.   (Brothers wanted to go with him, of course!) Known as “The Rez”, it is his home and workspace for the next 4 months. Waffles hooked up with  Trees, Water, People and is running a model garden and working on a solar project with local Native leaders.  He lives in a small camper on a compound with a local native family, his best friend is a coyote/husky mix dog, he has learned how to dress a chicken, has been invited to a sweat lodge, been to Wounded Knee, learned history of native life through the lens of his mentor, Henry Red Cloud, and is gardening and building non-stop. There is more, but you get the picture?

Speaking of pictures …. there are these. 

TeaguePR4 TeaguePR3 TeaguePR2 teaguePR1

To say I am proud of my biggest son is to understate the great amount of admiration I have for him. He is a beautiful spirit. His kindness is amazing. Waffles, you are missed and in the same breath, you are admired for your willingness to walk the walk in your becoming. We love you — so very much.IMG_7211



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