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Durgi – Zamaare

When the Mudula Mamas gathered in Durgi we were welcomed with this song. This song is sung when the community sees someone coming and is sung as a welcome song.  

Here is the translation of the Kembatissa song of welcome:

Let us sing.

Hano, acha-bachabe
Please, clap hands

Tieninu maghanita angaa
This is the work (hand) of God.

Yesusu Karichoa
Jesus is the Lord

Samhani ulhanie
In heaven and earth

Manaani gizaanie
Among people and animals

Mosson rehonie
In sickness and death

Yesusu karichuabe
Yes, Jesus is Lord.

mazimura = song
zaamaro : to sing
tien : this
anga : hand
Magahno : God
Yesusa : Jesus
Karicho : Lord
Samaha : Heaven
Ulha : earth
Mosso : sickness
Reho: death
manaa : people
Gizaa: animals

(translation by friend, advisor, and mapmaker, Desta)