Monthly Archives: November 2012

Twentysomethings x3

Well it has happened. The biggies are ALL twentysomethings!  Fall birthdays have turned my beauties 20, 22, and 24.

We survived. In fact, we might claim that we triumphed. Yes, we have.

I know, I know, the respite will be short-lived. With our dear R arriving home at 8 years old, and sweet Blueberry cresting 5 years old — we’ll do it again — and sooner than Mr. SillyPants and I believe. But for now, no teens in the house!

Songbird and Twinkletoes were both here for dinner on Saturday night (we miss you Waffles!). They giggled, saying, “No more teenagers! Waffles is 20!”  I replied,  “You know, the teen years weren’t so bad. They were pretty darn easy. You know what the hardest part was? All the driving.”

3 kids making their way in 3 unique ways.  I spent those years as a single, working mom. My work schedule meant the driving during the week days was pretty much all on me. And so I drove. And I listened. And we talked. And I waited. Sometimes I was late. Sometimes they were late. Most of the time we stayed happy and kind.  We showed up. We lived it up. We loved and we laughed and when we shouted we remembered to apologize. We smiled.

Present tense — we SMILE!

We did it. You biggies are the light of my life. Here’s to my TWENTYSOMETHINGS!