What’s a “bachelor” again?

Mr. Sillypants here, posting alone as I sit in our comfortable home.  Some of you have been here and can imagine me sitting on the couch, watching Sportscenter, living the life of a “bachelor.”

Ms. Plum and Blueberry, both the most beloved of people in my life, are currently visiting amazing people in Virginia, travelling there with equally amazing people from the hot and humid Midwest.  This trip was a chance to connect with kindred spirits, people of great quality, before the Summer months completely slip away.

Ms. Plum was advised that there were close friends from the Alliance of Dairy States who were traveling east to visit an amazing locale in Western Virginia (not to be confused with West Virginia – – – cue the “Deliverance” theme).  In Western Viriginia lives a family of impeccable artistic talent and expression, carving a life out of a beautiful setting with rivers and goats and chickens and a house and lifestyle to die for.  They were hosting a get-together and Ms. Plum and Blueberry were able to hitch a ride east to join in the communion and festivities.

There were chances to feed chickens . . .

and chase goats . . .

and listen to music as bedtime approaches . . .

From what I can gather from the spotty internet and phone coverage in God’s country, Ms. Plum and Blueberry are having a great time (save some real sleep issues with the little one).  And, it is truly a wonderful opportunity to get together with other like minded people in this beautiful time of the year.  When Ms. Plum stated she wanted to travel to this blessed place, I was in complete agreement.  After all, it will be scant weeks before Ms. Plum is back to teaching and our lives become quite regimented and structured.  What better way to celebrate our wondrous life than to share a few days with others who celebrate the joy that these amazing children can and do make every day?

And, I’m happy for Ms. Plum and Blueberry. I know this experience will be a wonderful time for them.

Still, the house is quiet and I am counting the minutes until their return.

It is hard to describe how Ms. Plum and Blueberry have infiltrated those deep places within my heart; suffice to say, my beloved wife and son occupy places within me that no one else can fill.  I am self-sufficient and independent, yet I am also so much a part of them and they are so much a part of me.  I cannot even begin to imagine life without them.

As I sit here watching the end of “Heat”, waiting for the start of SNL, I am biding my time.  I am surviving as a bachelor again (admittedly, one who is working 36 hours straight and taking care of our frentic dog), yet I am also counting the moments until my beloved family is once again with me.

One response to “What’s a “bachelor” again?

  1. You are too sweet! : )

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