My Feet Have A Choice

My feet couldn’t take ‘no shoes’ all day long. And, my feet had a choice today – they could choose shoes or not. Sometimes they chose the New Balance shoes with Superfeet inserts, sometimes the teal Crocs, and sometimes they chose to be naked.

My naked feet appreciated the task of being shoeless for a cause. Sadly, my shoeless day wasn’t a very public day. It was an “at home day” and our out and about was in the backyard park where bare feet didn’t really make a public impact. Still, my personal attention to this effort was focused and mindful.

I thought a lot about my young friends in Ethiopia during “shoe focused” day. I remembered when the boys in Lalibela asked Waffles to play in their regular morning soccer game my 3 kids were sad to discover the kids all played in plastic sandals – the sandals were their only shoes. And, our friends shone shoes for a very very meager living. Actually, you can’t call what they earned “a living” in any way. I had my Keen’s shone every day by the boys. Richard asked me directly to buy him some shoes and have a helpful traveler bring them to Addis for him. AlemTsehaye was walking many kilometers every day to visit her father who was sick in the hospital. Walking, Playing, Working – feet carry us to our destinations.

I don’t feel lucky. I feel undeserving. These are my happy feet hanging off our boat. Undeserving.


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