The sweet days of summer are here and I’m going to try to reinvigorate this space just a bit — because I miss blogging as a record for our family.

And, because we’ve actually jumped, and finally hit the soft landing. Life with 2 small boys (not so small?) and 3 biggies is settling down to a familiar feel once again. I’ve been away from blogging while tending to the hearth; it has been the hardest work over these past 5 + months.

And you can see where we have arrived with this photo — as our sweet boy shows his growing trust, and demonstrates what a courageous and curious kid he truly is! (He has been terrified of water, has a perforated ear drum <don’t worry, he has a wax swim ear plug>, the water is cold still, the whole experience is brand new to him….and still he jumps in! And this is sort of a metaphor for our family adopting an 8 year old…..). Meet our little Afar warrior. Blog name TBD.

Photo1 (1)


One response to “Jump!

  1. He looks a bit like he’s walking on water here! Who was that the on faith climbed out of the boat? James? Peter? (i’m so sharp on my references no?) Love you. truly. and think and wonder about you and your heart often these days. Happy for you all. Hugs from far away. me & t

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