Buzz Represents

Our holiday was lovely, but we were missing one sweet 8 year old boy. Daddy SillyPants made sure there was some ‘representin’ of our sweet son, still in Ethiopia and waiting for us. SillyPants wrote on Buzz’s little leg, “soon to be in our home, already in our hearts”. Every year Mr. Sillypants spends oodles of time finding the perfect ornament for each person in our family. This year, another added to his quest. And he triumphed. (He always does).


Our news is, in fact, R will not be waiting much longer. We have cleared the embassy (which means R’s papers are in order and the U.S. embassy has approved our travel to Ethiopia for the family VISA appointment). This is truly good news — it’s the last leg of the journey of entrustment. We are honored. And humbled by all that is on the horizon. “To infinity and beyond!”


One response to “Buzz Represents

  1. Wonderful. Many wishes that R’s journey home is as smooth as possible for all of you.

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