Ours and his

I (Ms. Plum) am now the mother of 5 children — and the judge said so. Mr. Sillypants too.

Our sweet son (and a group of other boys) were eager to show me their prized possessions. Under his mattress he stows his school notebook, a tiny 25cent pinball handheld trinket, and his favorite item of all (of a total of 3 personal items), a Toy Story coloring book. Buzz Lightyear will be making an appearance for our sweet R — you betcha.


8 responses to “Ours and his

  1. everchangingfamilystory


  2. Truly. I could kiss you. You make it count, this life. Yes you do.

  3. what Shannon said.

  4. yeah, what shannon said. making life count. wise, very wise. and important.

  5. Congratulations, again! You and your family are inspiring.

  6. My heart leaps every time I think of that marvelous little guy coming home to you and yours.

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