A mechanic graduates!

After 4 years of hard work, one major redirection (nursing to mechanics) and one major relocation (Dessie to Bahir Dar), G is graduating in July! We are so proud of his hard work! Here he is looking dapper in his “graduation wool.” He’s ready! We’re ready to see him soar!

I love the words in G’s last e-mail. He wrote a very poetic reflection of his journey. Here is an excerpt:

“In school, things are in progress and we are close to the graduation. Oh! I didn’t tell you that a 30 hours drive had incorporated in the training. Hence I have no problem with driving a car now. Of course this makes me advantageous in computation but the job opportunity itself is conditional. Don’t worry I’ll be fine.

One thing I have learnt from my own life is that its path is always spiral with many setbacks; I think no one develops straight up. I am now clear that the ongoing processes of striving to become a little better tomorrow can be considered as my success. Hence the road which is possibly taking me to my true destiny is always under construction. Be proud having played the greatest role in connecting me to my dream. I’m expecting an email from you. You did a lot to me that nobody else has  ever tried in history. I’m still thanking you for  your deeds in advance! Lovingly yours son, G “


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