Cooking with Konjit

Thursdays have become my favorite dinner day. We eat Ethiopian on Thursdays. The food is amazing, in small part because I’m not cooking, and in large part because Konjit is cooking. Meet our new house guest , Konjit. She’s from Ethiopia and she’s here for the semester. She’s lovely. absolutely lovely. Konjit brings so many gifts to our home. She’s a very busy student, but any time we have with her is full of the essence of Ethiopia. Her smile, her kindness, her faithfulness, her compassion, and a few Amharic lessons are her daily gifts to us. 

Ewodashalu Konjit! 



5 responses to “Cooking with Konjit

  1. It’s a blessing for me to join this wonderful and loving family.I don’t have any word to thank.I am so greatful for everything.

    • Konjit, one of my biggest and most lasting lessons in life is that the act of giving so often leads to a most beautiful gift in return. Thank you for your sweet words. It is an honor to know you. ~Ms. Plum ❤

  2. Wonderful! I wonder how many Ethiopians want to spend a semester abroad in Portland?

  3. That is awesome. You really know how to do the right things, Meghan, so cool, you are so super-fortunate to have her with you. Konjit is beautiful, too. Konjo. 🙂

  4. Sounds so lovely. And delicious!

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