Buna Therapy

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions – and I didn’t this year. But, I have TONS to work on….oodles and oodles of stuff that need personal attention.
Social, psychological, physical, intellectual. Me. Limited. Learning. Becoming.  Incomplete. Imperfect. Oh yeah, human.

Last month Mr. SillyPants and I found ourselves in a slump. A.big.slump.  I’m talking out of touch, out of synch, out of rhythm, out of talk-time, out of patience.  Not.Good. While Mr. SillyPants and I can maintain good partnership decorum, the best part of being  partners is truly in the connection. I know this.  He knows it. It’s hard to know why the ‘drift’ happens, but we know we don’t like it. Ever. We don’t worry, but we don’t like it. And, we work at our marriage. It’s important to us. I want to be married to this guy forever. Happily.

But, drift happens. We typically  claw make our way back to each other; a date, a nice dinner, a moment of giggling with Blueberry, something on the calendar that puts us in close proximity for companionable effort.

This time, we have a new weapon. Buna Therapy! Every morning – buna together.  Buna therapy looks like this. Early. Before the rest of the world wakes and our days gain momentum without each other. We share a cup of coffee.

Truth. This isn’t our coffee. This is the coffee morning at my friend’s home – she’s an inspiration. She shared that she does this every morning with her husband. The lesson is that the start of the day makes the finish strong at the end of the day.  It took 2 mornings of coffee to get clear on  this lesson. (And yes, Ethiopian wisdom in coffee pots full of delicious buna!) 

Our coffee looks like this – – – because our coffee is…well…our coffee. Our coffee  includes the animals and the wee one.  We can’t manage before the world wakes (because Blueberry wakes with us – and Herbie is a constant companion).  Our coffee happens in a dark room, usually covered in Blue’s offering of stuffed animals, no breakfast nutrition. But it happens, and we are a heckuva lot happier for it.

15 minutes of BUNA THERAPY!

 Yup. Life is good. We got it now.


3 responses to “Buna Therapy

  1. love you. and love how he he loves you, which gives your light shine, all the way around the world.

  2. Buna therapy?! Yes! Yes! Yes! Dare I say this could save most marriages…and the world?!
    *p.s. I’d sworn off buna during my cleanse in a fit to become “pure”, but yesterday life got to me in such a way (travel stress mostly) and I ordered my man to go to the supermercado to pick me up some buna right away (it was an emergency on my part). He came home, brewed up a pot, served it with milk and local honey, and everything became bearable. manageable. and fun again. And? Me and my man suddenly liked each other again. So yes, I’m a believer in buna therapy.
    **p.s.s. miss you, lady, and look forward to catching up more completely!

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