Dream Team Does Denver

2 sleeps far from home is how my little boy describes the past few days. I use words like amazing, energizing, inspiring, and exciting. I traveled for a long day of meetings in Denver, joining a crew of hard working and compassionate humanitarians working, planning, and dreaming together.

Our topic – Our Shared Work in Ethiopia.

Our theme was collaboration. Our energy was buzzing. Our concerns were united and thoughtfully informed and shared. Why? What’s important? Sustainable? How? Can we? When? How do you do that? What do you know about this? Where? Say more? Explain that? What do you think?   LET’S DO IT!

Inspired, passionate, devoted, determined, energetic, compassionate – these words describe my esteemed company. We worked hard, bringing the myriad things we care about to the table – TESFAEthiopia Reads,  Mudula Water, Hope by Twelve, AHOPE for Children, Clinic At A Time, Tesfa Teens, Selamta. And more. So much more – I am about to burst. Look for amazing things from these people and the organizations they care about!

Know this – please – – – on behalf of every single one of you in my circle – it is my honor to work with integrity and dedication on programs that make a difference.

I look forward to sharing new initiatives, new dreams, new visions, and new partnerships as we move forward in our shared work in Ethiopia and at home.


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