Mudula Fig Tree – called Degale

There is a tree in the center of Mudula. It is enormous. I have written about it before (see Mudula posts in the index). The tree has a story, a story you need to know. And, I want to share a video of the tree embracing it’s village.

A young man from Mudula writes this about the tree: “This tree has got its own name “DEGALE”. This tree-DEGALE, has special historical and cultural attachment to TEMBARO-the general naming for all the people living in Mudula/ Tembaro wereda. There is only one and one DEGALE in the world, the one at Mudula. Understanding the story of DEGALE means knowing the whole story of people around there. When the community elders want to make some decision about the society they use DEGALE as  their gathering place/ meeting hall. The decision that they make under this tree is considered as very serious and serve as a rule/law of the land.”

Witness Degale – –Mudula Tree called Degale


One response to “Mudula Fig Tree – called Degale

  1. Every community- everywhere- needs a Degale tree.

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