The Biggies Make it Better (especially at Christmas)

Our annual outing for our Christmas tree did not disappoint. I can’t remember a time in my adult life when we didn’t have “tree escapades” (maybe once when the kids were young and all sick at the same time with -25 degree weather?). This is one of our very beloved holiday traditions – – and I’m always surprised at how much the biggies INSIST we continue the “tree escapade”. They have so much fun together – all 4 of my kids – and add a fun loving husband and crazy dog and it’s happy mayhem on a Saturday morning.  The tradition commenced as we left the house at 9:30. Our first stop – coffee and hot chocolate. All 9 of us (because the biggies now travel with sweeties – and so we are a sight to see!) in our big boots and coats stuffed ourselves into the coffee shop. I’m pretty sure we spent as much on drinks as we paid for the tree. My life – welcome to a glimpse of my checkbook. We don’t think Blueberry really remembered the ‘event’ that finding a tree is for all of us – – but it took no time for him to enjoy the FIRST snow of the season and the wide open spaces filled with trees and his goofball family.  We had snowball fights, snow angels,  a very happy dog, ‘biggest tree we can get Mom to say ‘yes’ to’ competitions, freaky sightings of snowy eyebrows, sweetie threats with sharpened saws, and for Flower, who we miss like crazycakes,  “JUMP FOR JOY!” is just for you! 3 hours later we had the perfect tree (it’s a big one!) and happy hearts. The tree is up and the lights are on. However, we won’t be putting on the ornaments until next Saturday – our Twinkletoes had to get right back to campus for finals. Our next ‘all together’ day is next Saturday. And, like so many precious tradtions, there is NO decorating the tree without the whole crew here; there will be eggnog, music, and  giggling (and a bit of crying) as we pull out the ornaments and remember who we are. Together. That’s how we roll.


3 responses to “The Biggies Make it Better (especially at Christmas)

  1. I’m thinking that if I were part of your family I might not be so grossed out about x-mas the way I am. 🙂

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