A Coffee Drying Center & Google Earth

Driving south from Hosanna, and taking just one right hand turn, you’ll be well on your way to Mudula, Ethiopia. It’s an astoundingly beautiful drive through rolling hillsides of fields of grain, enset, some maize, coffee, ginger, and some other crops.

Half way between the right hand turn and the first town,  Hadero, is a new coffee drying center. It’s a large center and just a few weeks ago community members were hard at work preparing the facility.

See if you can find it on Google Earth. The coordinates are below.

It looks like this coming off the Garmin –  N7 11.653 / E37 41.937

It looks like this typed/pinned into Google Earth – 7 11.653 N /  37  41.937 E


3 responses to “A Coffee Drying Center & Google Earth

  1. It’s so wonderful to see photos of Hadero. Our adopted daughter was born there and I’ve been trying to find out much more about it so I can share with her as she grows up. Unfortunately, when we visited the country, we were unable to visit there. Would love to see more pics and know more about the town.

  2. plnhanson – there are more details coming! I’ve had a bit of a slow down because I’m working on my GPS maps – and I’m a slooooooooooooooow learner.

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