Almaz Makes Enset in Alekana (near Yirgalem)

Almaz made enset. I ate enset in her tukul. Buna (the salty sort)  and gomen accompanied the enset. I have 18 minutes of vide of the process. Must load that, hmmm?


3 responses to “Almaz Makes Enset in Alekana (near Yirgalem)

  1. awesome meghan! cannot wait to see the video!

  2. Enset with gomen – was this kocho? We had enset with local nettles cooked like gomen when we went horse trekking in Bale Mountain National park prepared by the local family that hosted one of the camps we stayed at. We didn’t get to watch them prepare it. I would love to see the video.

    • Dakota, I have an image of kocho. I’ll share. It was part of the enset feast too! I will post the video when I have time to edit it. It’s long and in parts, also. But, it is so very cool.

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