Got Injera?

Super busy days, including this whirlwind 24 hour back and forth to Minneapolis to join some friends at a potluck. Injera, tons of lovely children, and some kick ass moms. WORTH.THE.TRIP.

I’m in the thick of planning my travels to Ethiopia – – and really feeling the combination of excitement and sheer ‘heaviness’ of the journey.  It’s all consuming right now. Plus.

The short list looks like this:

1. Learn gps to map the water pipeline and surrounding area of Mudula (big learning curve here for me – really wanting something tangible for families to connect with surrounding Mudula Water).

2. Plan arts and crafts for 100 kids at AHOPE for Children (this is a lot of work). And a supplies nightmare.

3. Gather supplies for AHOPE (stay tuned for this one – I think I might need help gathering 50 some watches for the kids. This is the number one kid centered request and one that the staff at AHOPE thinks would be great for the children who are attending school).

4. Spend oodles of time with Blueberry –

5. walk walk walk, climb climb climb (fitness shifting from couch25K to 10,000 steps a day).

6. Stay present and connected to Blueberry and Mr. Sillypants. Enjoy Songbird. Keep in touch with Twinkletoes and Waffles.

7. Prepare for a 40+ person dinner party next week here at our home to welcome Ethiopian physicians here on a new grant for a family medicin partnership/program with Black Lion Hospital. (rub hands w/excitement at the thought of Mr. Sillypants getting involved with this program in a meaningful way).

8. Continue advocating for kids right where they are: Clinic At A Time, Mudula Water, AHOPE for Children (in Ethiopia). Stay active in local discussion surrounding Madison Prep. Continue advocating for public school funding (local).

9. Make progress on the discussion with Mr. SillyPants about a local relocation – which means finishing some home projects in anticipation of selling our home. Courageous living.

10. Start thinking about 4K! OMG…NOooooooooooooo.

11. Continue processing our local “Racial Justice Summit” and the practices of restorative stuff.

— there’s more, I’m just too tired to remember it all.

As I was driving home the other a thought came into my consciousness, “My life is miraculous.” I  hope I honor the goodness every day. It’s a stunning thought that hasn’t often visited my awareness. I hope I can honor the awareness in act and deed.


2 responses to “Got Injera?

  1. I think you’re honoring the miraculousness in act and deed. No doubt in my mind.:)

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