Mudula Water – What it’s about and why we need you

“Mudula Mamas”, three mothers of children born in Mudula, Ethiopia, have come together from different states to compete as one relay team in the Toyota US Open Triathlon and Janus Charity Challenge. These 3 friends are fundraising for “Mudula Water,” a large water project that will bring potable water to over 10,000 people in this rural village of southern Ethiopia. While they are training hard for their event, ever present is the knowledge that women and girls are carrying over 40lb jugs of dirty water for hours each and every day in the drought stricken area of Mudula. Not only does this water make them sick, time spent collecting the water keeps girls from going to school and women from attending to children, managing the farm and running small businesses.

The Mudula Water project will deliver clean, accessible water by a
gravity flow water system with over 10 miles of hand-laid piping to feed 8
separate public water taps. The project ensures individuals will be healthier,
girls will be able to stay in school, and women will have time to invest in
their families and communities. This project represents life.

The “Mudula Mamas” are racing the clock – their competition in the
Janus Charity Challenge ends on Saturday morning, October 1. The triathlon where my friends will swim, bike, and run is on Sunday, October 2. The mamas will race hard AND will be racing other charity competitors for the win for the people of Mudula.  The competition is tough for the first place $8000 charity award.  The Mudula Mamas need to earn that award for the families surrounding Mudula.

Please give them your financial support before time runs out!

Help these women race for water. Help these women race for life.

To learn more about Mudula Water: .

I am personally donating $1 for every person who ‘like’s the Mudula Water page on Facebook. The donation runs through Friday, September 30. You can do something right now – find that page. If you want to double your dollar donation without getting out of your chair or opening your wallet, like Hope by twelve  page Facebook. The founder of Hope by twelve has announced the same challenge.

My wise husband always tells me, ‘you get to make the offer – you don’t get to choose who takes you up on it.’

Take me up on it. Please.

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