Epiphyte is the coolest word I learned

Quito, EcuadorNapo Wildlife Center – Rainforest, EcuadorIsinlivi, EcuadorMindo, Ecuador

Bellavista Lodge, outside of Mindo – off the Old Quito Highway


7 responses to “Epiphyte is the coolest word I learned

  1. What an amazing experience! So glad the three of you got to make these memories together!

  2. Such beautiful photos– looks like an excellent time spent together!

  3. Looks like they have some new cobblestones in Isinlivi! And it looks like you stayed in the same guest house that we did (with a composting toilet with a view!)

    How wonderful. I love Ecuador. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip.

    • We looked for your names in the guest book – but I didn’t find it! We LOVED the toilet. And, we had the coolest company at this place – full of world travelers and a group of 5 Swiss folks who have bicycled all over the world, including southern Ethiopia. They have a new facade on the church too – I should send you the pics. So cool to share this one same place that you inspired us to visit.

  4. Ohh my gosh mom, I am so incredibly jealous

  5. Wow, looks amazing! Great pictures, and you even posted… that one. Love it.

  6. esperandoaiyasu – I know, ‘that one’ with no context here. Readers, find the REI meets Fredericks of Hollywood!

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