Waffles Goes West

… to continue his adventure in becoming. I love this kid like crazycakes and I already miss him. He’s my 3rd kid. My first “baby.” He’s the smiler. The jokester. The dreamer. He has held my hand for what seems like forever, and hugged me in big, sweet embraces for as long as I can remember. He has grown and changed, but kept the sweetness of his core present and shining. I remember a zillion stories about Waffles, many of which demonstrate both his compassion and his sweet attitude for living his life with plenty of laughter and adventure. He is this … all of this and more.

The missing goes for Blueberry too. Waffles left yesterday; packed up his Dad’s truck, loaded up his bike and his snowboard, a futon, his fancy pants college laptop, a whole bunch of tunes, and a great attitude. He’s ready. 

Today Blueberry asked, “Momma, where is Waffles?” (pause) I was glad his fabulous friends hosted a get together the night before – it helped frame the reality that Waffles was leaving – and we had a chance to hang out with the posse (aka ‘plague of locust’) and bid him goodbye (and with a unicorn pinata, no less!).





“Oh, I remember, he’s at college now. Do you remember how he took his board to ski there? And his big red bike? He had so many boxes! Do you remember I gave him my pink fire car? And he gave me his hat?” 

I remember, Blue.

Good luck Waffles. You’re going to rock Ft. Collins. Natural Resources, Ecology, Biology – never going to be the same again. I can’t wait to hear all about it! Our missing is big, but your adventure is bigger!


6 responses to “Waffles Goes West

  1. What an exciting time for your son. My sister and stepmom are both Rams. Fort Collins seems like a great place for a college adventure.

  2. Waffles inspired sniffles. Awww. Guess that means you’re growing up too?

  3. I’m so excited for him and all of the new adventures he’ll be having. I’ve only gotten to spend a few short moments in his presence, but he (like all of your kids) is truly something special. Relatedly, what are you going to do with all the extra money now that you won’t be having to feed the plague of locusts anymore? Weekly spa treatments??? I think you deserve a bit of indulgence!

    • J – ummm…that extra cash? Out of state tuition at CSU. OUCH. Don’t ask. There is no extra. One graduates just as another enters – still got 2 in college. (Get ready g/f – your turn is sooner than you think!).

  4. So cool. Can’t wait to hear how he rocks college. 🙂

  5. ….and he’s cute. 🙂

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