Flash (ing)

The biggie boy and his posse are fixtures in our home space. I fondly call them the ‘plague of locust’ when they visit. These are good guys. I love ’em for many reasons. Today they get points for mowing our large yard – taking turns – between rain drops, and for playing a few hours of ‘cars’ with little boy Blueberry. These guys know how to have fun. And they are prone to healthy rascally fun. Speaking of rascally fun – today a couple pairs of “Flash” briefs showed up on the living room table after a Target run – a pair of red and a pair of black.  I eyeballed them curiously – but I know Waffles is a BIG Flash fan.

We welcomed the longest day of summer with a fabulous Ethiopian dinner. Waffles sweet foodie friend helped me cook – she was AWESOME to cook with! 



More on that in a later blog post….back to the plague of locust. It was a mere hour after dinner and”the briefs” showed up for a raiding of the cupboards.  A huge bag of blue corn chips, a jar of nutella, a box of graham crackers, a jar of salsa, a gallon bin of fish crackers, popcorn, and I think a box of Annies Bunnies headed down the stairs to accompany a video. I have nothing more to say. Except the cupboards are bare and the boys are nearly ….


One response to “Flash (ing)

  1. Those are some Extra Sexi Men in that kitchen!

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