DC Divas

Why would I compete with Those Aren’t Pillows (heretofore referred to as Pillows) reflections about the DC Divas?  Yeah – I wouldn’t. I know when I’m outdone. Go here and read all about the DC Divas. Pillows tells it well.

Remember to check back later for an update about AHOPE for Children. I’m 100% in – I love AHOPE more than ever. You will too. You know all the conversations we’ve been having about aging out and community care and family unity? AHOPE for Children is doing all of these things. The Director of AHOPE in Ethiopia is a visionary. She’s stellar. The Divas and I met her. I’m a good judge of these things. (You know I’m right about good judgement, I didn’t share a bed with either Pillows or 6 Drink Minimum … ahem ).

More later, I promise.


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