Wordless Wednesday


3 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Do they get that big? No one told me they’d get that big. Dang.

  2. Honestly, this fires me up – I see some sport strengths in my boys – Q will be a track kid. M probably soccer, gymnastics, maybe anything really. I love seeing this.

  3. Beck, my kids have done all kinds of sports and music and art. And they have developed their own preferences and delights at their own speed. Some of the activities have been their own choice, some have been mine (swim team would be an example of my choice). I should do a blog post about how they reflect on their childhoods and activities (because they do have things to say about it – and much of it is surprising). Waffles is playing lacrosse for the first time his senior year. He gave up soccer (a Varsity sport) to play HS club lacrosse. He loves it! I LOVE that it fires you up. Yesterday was one of those ‘complete’ days; evidence in second picture. My biggies are ….. heart filling.

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