Day in Pictures – so I can hang with the cool kids again

6:15 a.m. Blueberry awakes. Y’all now know we have hideous 1980’s stylin’ glass doors on our closets. It’s a good ting Blue’s head is blocking the photographer. He’s awake and ready to roll. 

7:15 a.m.  A quick hug from biggest sister and COLLEGE GRADUATE – a special sweetness that will be available in big daily doses until sweet Songbird leaves for Ecuador on June 1. She’ll be gone all summer – cry! But not time for relaxing – this is a work day.

8:15 a.m. a little bit of play before we drive across town where Blueberry will spend his day while I teach. Blue is staying with a new sitter for a bit while our babysitting friends welcome baby girl Sunshine to the family. Cards are our morning play before heading to work – Songbird bought these at the dollar store and I have to say they were a welcome change of pace from our ‘normal’ game of trains and/or cars. However, some things stay the same; in this case I am still mommy Raccoon and  he is still little boy raccoon. We squeek and grunt a lot. That’s good – the coffee isn’t totally on board yet.

9:15 In my classroom – the bell rings at 9:27. I have just enough time to turn on my computer, review my plans for the day, grab the study guides for Tuesday’s exam in the copy room, and ready, set, go: India’s Sizzling Economy.

10:15 Movie time – Morgen Spurlock’s 30 Days series – this one about outsourcing to India. When the students are watching the movie, I check in a paragraph that was due – logging them in as “ING: In, not graded.” I also rework some questions for the test they are taking on Tuesday.

11:15 I eat my lunch in my room today. I have a PILE of hotmail to read and some pressing quick notes to send. Usually I eat with my colleagues, but today I’m doing some personal work – – I’m anticipating being busy all weekend with Songbird’s college graduation events.  My 24 minute ‘duty free lunch’ wasn’t all that productive, however. I spent most of my time thinking about how fierce I look in this newspaper article. Really, do I always have such a severe look on my face (although the ‘real paper’ version is the only one with a pic of me )? Thank goodness we hid all the laundry and shoved all the sh*# on the counters into a closet before the photagrapher arrived.

12:15 Repeat last class I taught. Spurlock rocks. Hey, why is that kid talking during the movie? Love this class – they are the bomb.

1:15 until about 2:30 Teach some more.  Make copy of test for Tuesday.  Admire the online version of the Injera article a few more times. Hope it isn’t raining outside. Lament I don’t have a single damn window in my classroom. File some papers and think about prepping the next unit on Islam. Head out to pick up Blueberry at 2:45.

4:15 Transitions can be hard for us after daycare. I only work part time, so we keep the transitions limited. But, we’re still working on ‘reentry.’ Today, because it is cold and raining, we don’t go to Waffles lacrosse game. I’m disappointed, we wanted to watch Waffles crash into other lacrosse players on the field. Instead, we come home and cuddle on the couch, add a plate of jelly toast, a glass of water, and a few strawberries to tide Blue over until dinner. Can’t. Come. Soon. Enough. He smells worse than puppy – I put him in the bath after his snack. How come your kids smell like puppy and my kid smells like poop?

5:15 SUPER cool action shot of a VERY busy boy “reading” his Richard Scary BusyTown book – and he’s moving  – he’s exhausted and bouncing off the walls with a book that is about 8 feet long when it is totally unfolded. First it’s a book. Then it is some sort of prop for a construction game. Then it starts being hurdled around like a weapon. Then I hear the garage door open and I sing under my breath…TGIF, Daddy’s home!

6:15 Preparing dinner. Late. We need to eat before 6:30 for our best sanity. We rarely do. Easy Peasey dinner tonight – roasted cauliflower, some sort of premade chicken chipotle pepper meatball, gorgeous CSA spinach cooked in leftover pasta with lots of garlic and salt. Yum. Oh, that little box of pink next to the cauliflower – pink himalayan salt. J insisted I should never make roasted cauliflower without it. She made sure to get me some. I was skeptical. I was wrong (now THAT doesn’t often happen – hehehehe) Da bomb.

 7:15 Twinkletoes waits for me to give her a lift downtown for a potluck meeting. She’s now a JUNIOR in college. She’s on break for the summer – but working on a complicated genetic mapping project. She even got a very presitigious Hilldale Scholarship for the work this summer. She’s doing cool stuff. On our drive downtown we talk about her hope to do her spring semester at U of Capetown, South Africa. I get excited. She does too. I drop her off at the wrong spot, swing a few streets over to pick up Clementine (aka the Child Whisperer and her boyfriend), and then pop on back to find her wandering the neighborhood with a plate of brownies in her hand. Clem and I snap a picture, laugh, and drive away.

8:15 I arrive home and Blueberry is fast asleep. He still gets this every single nigt and HE LOVES it! Ssshhhhhhhh. I’m happy. My Friday night buck has loaded a  – – movie.  Saving Grace. Waffles flies in and out the door looking for his concert ticket for CAKE that he’s sure is in the house. He’s 18. He’s going to college in the fall. He’s going to Colorado to go to college. Every time I see him I get a little choked up because I’m going to miss him like crazy cakes.

 9:15 I drink one and sprawl out on the couch. The movie is adorable. I want to visit the place where it was filmed. Where was it filmed? (ETA – I looked it up, the movie was filmed in  villages of Boscastle and Port Isaac in Cornwall).

10:15 Twinkletoes arrives home via public transportation and she and Clementine cuddle up in a rocking chair. Both of them. At one time. Long gone are those days for me. There isn’t room on the couch. I’m stretched from one end to the other and I’m not moving. I’m too tired to finish this post. Goodnight 🙂

P.S. all pics from my iPhone. Made it easy.


11 responses to “Day in Pictures – so I can hang with the cool kids again

  1. I am so freaking excited that you finally got your sea salt!!! Loving these “day in pictures” posts. I’m going to do this next week.

  2. why do I love these photo posts so much? I don’t know, but I really, really do. First, your dinner sounds delicious (pink salt, yay!) Your life sounds busy and rich, I like that. I love the husband in antlers, how romantic!

  3. Mary’s really into the Himalayan sea salt too. I admit to not having tried it yet- mostly out of obstinacy (because I figured it was another one of her fads) But now that I know that you’re loving it, it gives it extra validation. ha ha!

    I am sad that your classroom doesn’t have a classroom. That’s horrible. The architect should be forced to stay in a room without windows all day, everyday, for the rest of his/her life. Just to prove how heinous that is.

    Girl, you are busy. You didn’t take a break until night time. And you waited until 9:15 to crack a beer?!

    Glad your blog is out of hiatus. I want to do this project.

  4. Man your life is full. And wonderful. Love seeing all the kids.

  5. 7:15 – Does Twinkletoes know about Songbird and Clem?!! {hee hee}
    I’m pooped just reading this.

    I’ve started doing this today. I’m going to do a weekend and a weekday (boring btwn 8a and 4pm), though.

    • Told ya I was tired! I did a little quick edit this morning to give proper credit to J for the pink salt. Should I have added how much we snorted at the pink salt?

  6. Love you.

  7. Loved it! Glad you are back to blogging! Woot!

  8. A full day – I love your family!

  9. What a day! Love finishing salt. Himalayan pink is so pretty too.

  10. Love your family, and your life.

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