Just Busy and Minus 10.

Nothing else but busy going on around here.  Sometimes the ‘switchboard’ is over the top, and it has been that sort of season for me. As the ‘switchboard operator’ in the family, I haven’t really had time to do more than manage those things – some gracefully, some not so much. There are huge chunks of ‘chatter’ that aren’t right for blog talk. And, other pieces that are …. well, not suitable for blog talk.  No mysterious goings on here – I don’t mean to imply that anything is amiss or awaiting some bigger public unveil. Nope. Sorry.

My own badblogger bullet points include:

  • Blueberry is completely potty trained. He rocked the process.
  • Waffles has 2 college admission “Yes” responses so far: UMN and Marquette. He’s waiting to hear from the others. It’s nice for him to have 2 in his back pocket. His list toppers haven’t responded yet (UC-Boulder and Lehigh). His mood is super positive – so nice to witness. LOTS depends on financial packages/scholarship offers.
  • Injera cooking is coming along, as is the cookbook I have had a HUGE hand in helping to develop. We expect a release in about 3-4 weeks.  I’ll be announcing it here and on FB and anywhere else I can! My Ethiopian friend and I hosted a cooking class yesterday for making injera. It was a great little fundraiser and a fun event. Blueberry is CRAZY about injera. I brought home a little snack for him – which he demolished pronto.
  • Did you know Songbird graduates from college this year?
  • My plans for going to Ecuador this summer to hang out with Songbird are in place. August. Mountains. Me. Her.
  • I’ll be attending WPC 12 in MN. PUMPED! I expect to grow TONS.
  • Blueberry LOVES cooking. You’ll find us daily at the butcher block counter. I have not had this experience with any of my kids at such a young age. It’s fun. It’s messy. It’s creative.  It’s exhausting. Oh, that’s a perfect description of my life 🙂  Blue’s favorite cooking includes making muffins, making Little Bear’s “Birthday Soup”, scrambling eggs,  making and flipping french toast, and peeling vegetables. I enjoy the process and our dog Herbie enjoys the scraps that fall like a downpour on the floor.
  • Mr. SillyPants is busy. More than I’d like. I hope this changes soon. I miss him. I’m trying to stay in my own holding pattern while he is so busy, but I’m afraid I’m not being very successful. Partnership is hard sometimes.
  • Our Gov has assaulted the livelihood of all teachers and state employees in WI. I’m angry about this and PISSED off that I have to fight for my right to engage in collective bargaining. I expect I’ll be busy this week advocating for my rights (I’ll begin today by joining in political action by taking a phone call shift at a local teacher’s union office). I’m not going to continue teaching if my work as a teacher continues to be diminished.
  • Twinkeltoes is an Organic Chemistry nerd. Really. She’s a ROCK.STAR.
  • Finally,  I have lost 10 pounds. I joined WW 3 weeks ago and have been determined to succeed. I have a lot to do in my life. I am no longer interested in carrying around more of me than is comfortable or healthy. This has taken a HUGE focus (and is, in part, responsible for lack of posts – sometimes self care requires “logging off”).

10 lbs of sugar –  GONE!

7 responses to “Just Busy and Minus 10.

  1. Thanks for the update. Always like to know what you’re up to…

  2. WOW!!! Yeah, there is a lot more to this post, but the 10 lbs… Awesome. You must be feeling soooo good, despite being so busy. I’m busy, too. Drowning. So, so tired. Crap. Got piles of work to do, too. This teaching business sure doesn’t pay, to say the least, and now the insane political situation in this state is nearly beyond comprehension. Most of the time I wish I could start all over again. I’d go into medicine, for sure; something combining fitness, social justice, and diversity. And I’d get paid for it!!! Ha! Dream on. Gotta correct some homework now…

  3. Congrats on the weight loss!

    Politics, ugh…we’re feeling it too here even in blue and liberal Massachusetts…that’s all I’m going to say about that…

  4. I’m so glad to hear what you’ve been up to! I’ve definitely missed your posts, but walking the walk certainly trumps talking the talk. Either way, I’m super proud of you. You’re in inspiration in so many ways!

  5. 10 pounds is a LOT! way to rock the WW program. they’re going to ask you to be their next spokesperson, you know. 🙂

  6. In my head I expressed my wow via comment, but it would appear that there was some mishap between head and fingers. Wow! Go Mama go!

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