So Many Superlatives

If you received our family holiday card and letter, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Mr. SillyPants was a little (ok, a LOT) over the top. But really, it’s a true reflection of how he sees our family; as precious gifts. We are lucky he is ours and we are his.ย  Look at that leap that Waffles executed while holding Blueberry. Beastly.


6 responses to “So Many Superlatives

  1. I like looking at it as though rather than jumping up- you are descending down..from the sky like the heavenly family you are. Your family mission is to land here on earth, and show others how to be loving and cooperative. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is sooooooo great. If I ever get super-huge-and-awesome family like you, we are so gonna copy you and do a jumping Christmas card!

  3. As a dude who just turned 47, I’m happy to say that, in previous unsuccesful “takes” our photographer told me, Mr. Sillypants, to “stop jumping so high – – – you’re outside the frame.” (I’m not making that up – – – what a huge boost to my ego!).

    Truthfully, this “jumping” photo took place quite extemporaneously. One of the big kids thought it would be fun to try. And, they were right. We had a blast putting this together for our holiday card.

    As I look back at this photo, and Ms. Plum’s idea of putting the word “JOY!” on our Xmas card, I think it’s perfect. This family, this life – – – well, it brings me . . . JOY!

  4. It is perfect(ly you)! Love it.

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