Tonight we did our usual bedtime routine. However, the unusual part was that I put Blueberry to bed (this is usually Mr. SillyPant’s job – but it’s a late night for him). Blue is potty training, and bedtime visits to the potty have become his preferred ‘stall method’ for bedtime. Tonight his requests were particularly polite and were even “potty productive”.

I’m in a pretty good mood tonight (SHOCKER!)- so I just went with it with an unusual amount of  patience and even a fair dose of delight. We spent quality time in the bathroom discussing our bath curtain, which is a world map. The map is cool – the kid is a riot.

Here is our discussion – –

Mommy, where does Flower live? There, in Hungary.

Mommy, what is that place? Romania.

Hungary? Flower goes to school there! I lived somewhere too. I had a duck blanket there. Where is that? Ethiopia. It’s right here. Ethiopia is in east Africa. I remember when Daddy and I sent that duck blanket to you so you could have it while we were coming to get you in Ethiopia.

What is this place? Russia.

What is this? More Russia. Look here, this is Thailand. Your friend Dew Drop is in Thailand right now on a vacation with her mommy and daddy.

What kid is taking care of Dew Drop’s chickens and goats? What did I throw there on the chickens Mommy? Tomatoes. You threw tomatoes over the gate and one hit a chicken.  I think Dew Drop’s Grandma is watching her animals.

Yeah! I threw tomatoes and one hit the chicken! Yes, but we don’t try to hit chickens with tomatoes. We use gentle hands with animals.

Mommy, here is Hungary again! (Pointing). What letter starts Hungary? “H”

H is for Flower.



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