Ordinary People, Extraordinary Effort

My friend, JC, isn’t exactly ordinary (believe me, I’ve met her!), but she is launching an extraordinary effort to create change in the Kembata region of Ethiopia. Today I visited her blog and pledged to support her project (which becomes our project once we dedicate ourselves to caring for more than ourselves). It’s a good project. It’s an important project. JC might be a blogging celebrity, but she needs eyeballs to make their way over to her fundraising pages and she needs our $$$ to support her fundraising effort.

First, TESFA is an amazing organization that builds schools for kids. You know about the impact of schools for children, right? Watch the Girl Effect – it’s enough to make you donate so kids (and especially GIRLS) can go to school. Schools make a difference. This is why Mr. SillyPants and I sponsor schooling for college students in Ethiopia. Now we can say we’ve contributed to the sponsorship of youngsters – and that makes me happy. Next, Ethiopia Reads is just an astoundingly wonderful organization. I’ve had some small-ish donation drives for Ethiopia Reads with my high school students. My kids have readily responded to the plea for books. I’m proud to have another chance to help create a literary and literacy space for kids in Ethiopia.

Do you see all the blue on this page? Obviously you can see how this effort is integrally linked to things I (we) find important for our family. Please consider donating to the fabulous effort of the family of m&M. They are good folks, doing good work. And, they’re doing it in our Blueberry’s neighborhood – in the context of E. Africa, this effort profoundly influences his people in his community. The Southern Region, the Kembata Region, is his homeland. I can only imagine the potential for him to …. well….sh$*^, to stay with his Ethiopian mommy in the place of his birth, had our collective FIGHT for social justice brought his community education, jobs, literacy, and opportunity.

It’s all linked. So click on the links above and help JC and her family to help all of our families.

Love you all for your compassion – serious big love.


3 responses to “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Effort

  1. Is it wrong that I’m tempted to just link to your post instead of writing my own?

  2. tafel, link love is never wrong 🙂

  3. Thanks Meghan! (and Tafel too!)

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