And this is why HE probably won’t be very good at it either….

Gender socializing, that is. Let me explain. When frolicking in the firs, the kids play a lot of games and engage in quite a few shenanigans. This year there was a fair amount of leaping and catching and carrying. Most of it fun, some of it – well, have a look.

Twinkletoes and Clementine

Twinkletoes and Songbird

Ms. Plum and Mr. SillyPants….this one didn’t end well between me and my man of slighter stature. We thought it might not end well, but the playfulness of the biggies was inspiring and apparently a little mind-numbing. What were we thinking?

Songbird and Futball (introducing Futball – he’s a fan of Songbird and the feeling is mutual).

And Waffles and Flower

Futball and Mr. SillyPants.

Wait, what? This is a CLEAR violation of machismo – I don’t care if you are a Latino man or an organ playing physician. 

Yeah, Mr. SillyPants probably won’t be much good at gender socializing either…considering he’s leaping into another man’s arms. Note the ‘what the heck am I supposed to do?’ stance of Futball.  Not easy. Poor guy, that’s a helluva initiation into the family.


5 responses to “And this is why HE probably won’t be very good at it either….

  1. not saying anything…on the assumption that, in exchange for my silence, he’s going to hook me up with the Friends/Family rate for tickets to the Rockettes show on Broadway.

  2. I had to read “an organ playing physician” three times- it kept reading to me as “an organ plying physician” LOL! What fun your family has. Makes us Lost Planeteers feel like we need to get frolicking to keep up.

  3. Mindy, there is, of course, a double entendre when it comes to “organ playing physician.” It makes me crack up – every single time. And, as far as the frolick meter -you Lost Planeteers ROCK THE HANDMADE HOUSE! Just sayin’.

  4. loved the whole thing. i want to be there next year jumping into your arms. 🙂

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