Fairies for Water

Thanksgiving weekend we women (biggies and little-ish) are going to be gathering at the table to make Fairies For Water. Remember these? We (me, Twinkletoes, Songbird, and Flower) are going to make them for the Water4Christmas etsy shop. Last year the Water4Christmas effort raised enough money to build 2 wells in Liberia. This year our family will be making about 20 of these beautiful Flower Fairies so that Charity:Water can keep digging wells.

We’re going to be part of a bigger effort – and we hope our part makes a difference.

And for the record, you can count the boys in on this – because I bet they’ll be all over it when we are giggling and pulling out the glue guns!

Oh…and lest I forget – every single fairie will be a brown fairie. I’m just sayin’.

(Shout out to my friend, Abby, for alerting me to this opportunity. And, to Tesi and her peeps for their amazeballs Wine to Water event. Inspired! It took just this little bit for our crew to add to the effort. We never argue with a good idea.)


2 responses to “Fairies for Water

  1. They are beautiful! I just finally logged on tonight and saw the picture in my “inbox”. I’m so happy they are all brown, and I’m so happy you are doing this. Thank you, thank you, my friend! They are perfect. I hope you’re making lots, after your last post (and the canned response I too received) I’m bound to buy them all!

  2. Mimi still has hers and plays with it every now again 🙂

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