Tonka’s canned response is in the can.

Right.  So I put out the call to action and asked folks to write letters to their toy manufacturers and/or their local retailers to tell them how they feel about racism  reflected in our toys and our toy aisles all across the country.  My tantrum post had a lot of viewers – and a few of you had really great feedback about what is working and what’s not.

I wrote my letter to Hasbro. Tonka is one of their toy divisions. You know what I received? I received an e-mail FORM LETTER. It was a canned response. Nothing more, nothing less. I canned the canned response. It was pathetic.  I can’t even find it in my inbox – I felt so dismissed that I tossed the loser response. It said something like, ‘We value your opinion blah blah blah.” Morons. Seriously.

I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and spend my money wisely and thoughtfully in my community. I hope you will too.


One response to “Tonka’s canned response is in the can.

  1. The same canned response arrived in my inbox. Ugh:(

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