2 and 12 at the Park

The 2 and 12 year old’s, along with some 40’somethings, climbed on bikes and made our way to a park in the neighborhood. It was a perfect end to a busy fall weekend. The kids played vigorously and giggled with abandon – all 3 of them (while I documented the silliness). And, yes, Mr. SillyPants is texting while hanging upside down and IS demonstrating ‘illegal’ toddler park play (walking on top of the equipment). He might have been trying to demonstrate his youthful agility, but I interpreted it as his aged foolishness.


Blueberry loves any game that includes Daddy chasing or zooming around the park with him….Flower loves to hang by her lovely long legs

Blueberry can’t figure out why Flower didn’t promptly master the ‘digger’ mechanism, and he yells for ‘higher Daddy, higher – underdog!’ 

While Daddy might be walk on top of the equipment, Mommy dazzles her audience with a trick that is even too complicated to capture with a camera.



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