A Plumpy Podium!

We’ve crossed the finish line. Well, more accurately, Swimstef crossed the finish line. She FINISHED. Do you hear me? She completed the Ironman Wisconsin. Hey, just showin’ up at the start makes all the athletes winners in my book. Swimstef finished and we are so proud of her! She fought through some grueling conditions.That’s devotion. That’s committment.

But the brutal and inspired physical efforts of the Ironman aren’t Swimstef’s only accomplishments—brace yourselvesTEAM PLUMPY’NUT FINISHED 4th IN THE JANUS CHARITY CHALLENGE! We raised $13,875 and have won an additional $4,000 additional caash award for Doctors Without Borders! (Insert INSANE clapping here!). This is our BEST Team Plumpy’Nut finish EVER.

Here’s the story in pictures:

Our intrepid athlete

The cutest sign maker EVER

Plumpy’Nut Hungarian Support Staff

The Truth Baby – AMAZEBALLS!!!

Notable accomplishments: Our 3rd annual campaign makes our total donation to Doctors Without Borders about $60,175. We had the good fortune of having year 2’s donations ‘matched’ as a part of a special Doctors Without Borders opportunity. Awesome! Our total kid count hovers around 1200 kids who have gotten access to life saving nutrients through our donations. Our fundraiser has been focused on the needs of Ethiopia, and none of our fundraising money has gone to our sponsoring athlete or their cheering crew (me and fairygodmother). It’s ALL for Doctors Without Borders. Finally,  rest assured YOU WILL be invited to participate next year, when we sponsor our 4th Annual Wisconsin Ironman Team Plumpy’Nut fundraiser .

Look for us next year  – we’re counting on your support! Our 4th Annual campaign is just around the corner! (search Plumpy’Nut and/or Doctors Without Borders in the search box – you’ll find details about all 3 campaigns and lots of great information about why Fairygodmother and I return year after year to support Doctors Without Borders).


4 responses to “A Plumpy Podium!

  1. Just wonderful! I am thrilled that she finished the race! WAY TO GO!! Woot!

  2. WOOHOOOO! *and I love Blueberry’s sign!*

  3. goosebumps EVERYWHERE! This is amazing, great job on all of your work. What a huge impact!

  4. That is awesome. Great, great job.

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