It’s your last day….and might LITERALLY be theirs

We are in the last 24 hours of our Plumpy’Nut Team fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders.  It’s ends tomorrow morning. This is it for our 3rd annual fundraiser. We’ve been working hard to get the word out. I don’t want to fill this blog entry with text explaining the fundraiser. Let me just direct you immediately to our donation site:

Tomorrow SwimStef will do the Ironman Wisconsin – her effort honors families everywhere. Or Team Plumpy’Nut effort honors families in crisis – families walking in dire circumstances to nutritional feeding stations – families carrying dying children. I’m not being dramatic. This is real.

You want to know how I know this is real? Here is an excerpt of a note an MSF doc wrote to my friend. He’s working in a location in Africa where many families are suffering unimaginable PAIN.  Prepare yourself:

“For the second time in less than a week, a mother tells me that she knows I did everything I could.  The sickness had been going on too long and was too strong. It’s early morning, before sunrise, and I’ve been called in by the medical team because they couldn’t wake the woman’s daughter.   

Her little girl was a year old and had been brought in by our outreach team a little less than a week ago.  So unbelievably wasted and emaciated, she weighed nine pounds.  She had no hair and her face appeared shrunk-wrapped in cellophane skin, her sunken eyes and cheeks shaped by the skull bones beneath.  The skin on her abdomen was so thin, it was translucent. I could even see the white fascial layer of her abdominal wall.  She looked almost alien.  Nine pounds.  I’ve delivered newborn babies that big.”

Please consider donating your pizza fund for Friday night – if I had 100 folks do this we would top $10,000. If more did this, we’d meet what we raised last year (see note below). I can’t do this alone. I need  your help. Thank you.

*FYI, last year we raised $12375  and doubled the amount due to a nutritional fund matching program that was in place last fall (but is NOT currently)- then we added $1000 in award money to our total. As Tesi would say, ‘amazeballs!’  If you need to know more about our efforts, you can look here.


One response to “It’s your last day….and might LITERALLY be theirs

  1. This whole thing is amazeballs. We’re doing this for sure, because it’s not just amazeballs, it’s necessary and what a combination!!!!

    love to you,

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