Beyond Lap-Top Activism

In case you were wondering about whether or not I’m still out here doin’ my thing (the thing that doesn’t include dishes, laundry, welcoming visitors and extended stay kids , hugging and diapering toddlers, sending kids off to college, helping other kids make a plan for college applications, playing ‘aminals’, watching Sesame Street, cooking for the masses, and enduring visits from the plague of locust….). Yep, I am. I’m teaching. I’m advocating along with other colleagues and our teacher’s union to provide quality pay and benefits to teachers in my school district, I’m continuing to learn how to be an ally, how to recognize and address privilege (including first and foremost, my own), as well as fundraising for AHOPE for Children and MSF. *Gulp* Full throttle baby! 

The above self portrait (one of my many nostril shots that also shows off the black circles under my eyes, thank you) was taken tonight at a local School Board meeting. I was one of over 100 teachers in attendance.  I felt invigorated by the presence of my colleagues, the solidarity of the evening, and the courage of some of my teacher friends who spoke during the public speaking portion of the meeting. Coolio.  Then I came home and helped Flower identify complete subjects and complete predicates (but I had to look up the latter).  In solidarity – g’nite.


2 responses to “Beyond Lap-Top Activism

  1. You’re amazeballs (I know how much you like that word). Keep up ALL the good work, including the laundry and dishes. 😦

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