Bountiful Bikers

We rode the rails to trails today. See for yourself 🙂

Flower loves to bike

Mr. SillyPants and Blueberry tear it up

We found a snapping turtle nest with the babies HATCHING that very moment. I am so not kidding. It was a once in a lifetime event. I biked up to the girls who were running at me yelling, “Stop, Stop!” They had seen 2 little turtles on the trail and then we discovered over 13! We left before they all emerged. It was truly miraculous.

Friends Forever


6 responses to “Bountiful Bikers

  1. Snapping turtles HATCHING?!?!?! How cool and amazing is that?! 🙂

    • So good to see a photo of your family ALL together! Looks like a really fun outing–and the turtles? My boys would have gone nuts!

  2. Seriously, the turtles were so cool! I don’t know how many bikers must have zoomed right by the turtles (who were in the middle of the bike trail, but tiny and dirt covered). On the other hand, they must not have been out for too long (but long enough to have moved a pretty fair distance from their egg hole). It was astounding to see them come out of the nest – there were SO MANY! We did lift a few and aim them towards the water – because mom placed the nest in an awkward spot vis-a-vis the little stream they were meant to find. Amazing is right 🙂

  3. How fun. It would be amazing to see turtles hatching!
    Looks like an amazing day.

  4. this is the coolest picture of a family that i have ever seen. It should be submitted somewhere, or sent out in december to every person you know. you are are so lucky and blessed.

  5. AWESOME Pic of your family Under!!!
    THANKS for sharing!
    Miss ya!

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